Mayville Library

Strategic Plan


Mission Statement – The purpose of the Mayville Library is to promote lifelong learning, strengthen community connections and offer opportunities for creativity and exploration.

Technology – The library will ensure that patrons have adequate, up-to-date technology to meet their informational needs.  

  • Upgrade computers on a yearly basis, replacing one computer each year (or as needed).
  • Ensure that staff is trained in the use of the technology at the library (computers, copier and fax machine).
  • Update website and social media on a weekly basis – allowing patrons to know what is happening at the library.

Service – The library is dedicated to becoming a community hub where patrons can connect with each other and utilize library services and programs. 

  • Provide a safe, secure and comfortable place that fosters an engaging and positive atmosphere for both patrons and staff.
  • Provide programs for youth and adults on a regular basis (story hour, summer reading program, book club, knitting club, etc.)
  • Assess patron needs through discussion and an annual survey. 
  • Submit articles and events to newspapers and Access Channel 5.

Collection –   The library’s collection will be maintained to provide patrons with a wide variety of materials.

  • Weed each area of the library’s collection on an annual basis – repairing, replacing and discarding as necessary.
  • Purchase materials based on the library’s collection policy, patron and staff suggestions and director’s research. 

Building – The library will provide an appealing space for patrons to enjoy (both inside and out).

  • Monitor conditions of the building, grounds, parking lot, HVAC system and indoor facilities on an annual basis – repairing or replacing as necessary.
  • Transform the Bess Hartman Room into a comfortable reading and research space.
  • Continue to develop the Children’s Area providing the children with engaging activities.
  • Continue updates to the interior renovation.   

Staff Development – Assess other staff training needs and interests to allow for training opportunities.

Review and revise the staff handbook on an annual basis and ensure that staff is up-to-date on any changes. 

Review the staff handbook and ensure that all employees review and sign off as read on an annual basis.  This handbook will include policies and operational procedures for running the library.